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Leurtza reservoir and Mount Mendaur


We arrive at the hotel at midday and settle in. When we made our reservation the hotel staff advised us to bring walking sticks and sturdy boots or runners. This has already been packed. We don’t want to waste time and, as we had already been told, we can eat at the reservoir. We buy some suckling lamb chops at the Doneztebe butchery, lettuce, shallots and local bread, cheese and fruit.

We take the car and at one, we are at the reservoir. We park the car and observe the stone tables, with its banks and good barbecues. We choose one of them, between the sun and the shade.

We have a number of routes to cover, which are well marked out. We cross the reservoir, climb a small slope and continue climbing, slowly. From the top we make out Labaien, Urrotz and Donamaria. By now we have walked for 3 hours and are a little tired, but the view is incredible. Nice photos, taken with a mobile and with a built-in camera and even a short video of the beech forest. We will call it videpagoa. We go downstairs to eat, light the fire while we wait for the cider and conversation accompanies us. On egin! sugerencia4-1In the afternoon, we rest at the hotel. Refreshed, we set out on the road to Gaztelu and Santa Leocadia chapel. It is almost night time.

A delicious dinner awaits us. We then ask Lorea to have some nice sandwiches ready for the morning after, because we are going to climb Mendaur.

Backpack, walking sticks, sandwiches and water, and we are on our way. From Aurtiz we climb to the summit, to Trinidad chapel.

Happy after having achieved our objective, we approach the resort of Elgorriaga and spend an hour in its saline waters. Comfortable and with skin like a baby’s bottom, we go to the hotel for dinner.

We have a healthy appetite and have home-made fried food, red-deer sirloin steak with Oporto sauce, panchineta and some house tea in the garden. We count the stars. There are many.

Tomorrow is another day.

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