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Gastronomy days and cooking weekends

Each year, we accompany the restaurant menu with different gastronomy days.
We look for seasonal products or products that are less well-known with which to prepare a tasting menu for those who like to try new things.

The menu is in the blog under “Menus”. Call (0034) 948 45 07 08.

This year we will try:

The euskal txerri or Basque pig is unique, with the black and white blotches on its skin and with its pork having more “farmhouse” flavour. We combine the menu with vegetables so as to give the meal balance and to avoid concealing the flavour of the meat. As something different, we will cook “the confit rib of euskal txerri”: a meat that is roasted for many hours over a very low flame and left to cool. Upon request, we heat it in the oven and cook the meat quickly on both sides in an iron frying pan.

On Saturdays and Sundays from mid-March (19 March, Fathers’ Day), we roast suckling lamb in the oven. Almost everyone enjoys it, and as a result it is very suitable for groups.

To whet your appetite, we suggest that before you eat you go for a wander around Gaztelu (www.donamaria.com). There, you have magnificent views from behind the church and less than 1 km later, there is the chapel of Santa LeocadiaÖ Meanwhile, Imanol will prepare the lamb in the oven on a low flame.

We encourage you to try one of the starters and leave room for the lamb, salad and baked potatoes.

Two weekends a year, we will prepare authentic Mexican cuisine prepared by Lourdes Montoya.
Authentic guacamole, quesadillas, tacos, etc. and more or less spicy sauces according to taste.

For us, it is a real cause for celebration to “go Mexican” for a weekend and that DONAMARIAKO BENTA becomes a canteen ñ perhaps with a mariachi thrown in..

In this case, it is very important to reserve one week in advance and if you can get a group of friends together it is great fun: a little salt, lemon and tequila and to sing Mexican folk songs.

* We will also give away recipes so that you too can cook at home like an authentic cuate.

Mushrooms come from Mother Nature, which provides us with them according to rain, sun, the characteristics of the soil, etc. We collect and cook them to offer you this delight in our restaurant.

Our gastronomy day is in October, when summer is coming to an end and the colours of leaves on the trees remind us that autumn is near (this area is spectacular, with Bertiz Natural Park and the reservoirs of Leurtza). Spending a weekend at the hotel with the spas and enjoying everything as a whole is a gift.
The menu being prepared by Haizea is designed for the hotel to try different ways of preparing mushrooms, without moving away from their original flavour and texture. In mid-September, we will already have the menu thought out as a function of what is available, so call us and we will send you the menu.

If you wish to collect mushrooms before coming to eat, let me tell you about Ultzama Mycological Park.

Ultzama Mycological Park (Navarre)

Information and sale of permits:

Casa Kuartelenea (next to N-121, in Lizaso) and tourist establishments in Ultzama. (0034) 948 30 53 00.

In 2007, Ultzama became a giant mycological park covering 50 km2 in a valley dominated by oak groves and birch trees. Here, the oak trees share the plains with the fields and birch reigns supreme on the mountainsides. For Ä5 a day or Ä50 a year, you can enter the forest and collect up to 8 kilograms of mushrooms. It is prohibited for more than two people to walk alongside each other, in order to prevent groups from leaving only their footprints for others, or to collect samples less than 4 cm in diameter. This is the deal.

The payment of this fee also entitles you to use of a series of services that are necessary and, in some cases, essential. The valley offers you parking, signs and a brochure describing the characteristics of the mycological park. Above all, however, it provides you with access to a mycologist who can tell you about what you are taking in your basket with you. An exhibit in the office where permits are arranged (in the town of Lizaso) will help you distinguish the edible parts from inedible parts: the black mushroom is only one of a long line of mushrooms, of which up to 75 species can be found in Ultzama. One example is the delicious chanterelle, which bears a strange similarity to the olive mushroom, which is very, very poisonous. At peace with nature

This way of regulating an interest that was beginning to cause damage to the well-maintained forest of Ultzama has also promoted the concept of mycological tourism. An idyllic valley where visitors can also play golf or go horse riding (here, the best thoroughbreds are raised here at the Yeguada de Ultzama).

Ultzama also teaches about a tradition (collecting mushrooms) that is as old as humanity itself. Your chance to enjoy the earthy flavour of the mushrooms, so close to our own origins, is within your reach; above all, however, you have a chance to enjoy a pleasant day of leisure at peace with nature.

November continues to be a fantastic month in which to walk through the reservoirs of Leurtza, stepping on the dry leaves, collecting chestnuts and becoming intoxicated with coloursÖ The usual situation is that we have days with a southerly wind to let the doves know what route to take through the peninsula…

Today is the day that takes us longest to prepare for… The game is patiently cleaned, plucked and cut, carefully cooked on a low flame and the sauces reveal a conscientious intuition of spices, liquor, chocolates, etc. that will later have their reward in the compliments from guests.

Dove in traditional sauce with a touch of chocolate, stewed partridge in Chardonnay wine, red-deer sirloin steak with Oporto sauce: these are some of the dishes we offer.
Each year we branch out to try out new recipes. In view of this, we encourage you to see what the tasting menu for each season will be a few days before.

This offer is aimed at groups of 10 people who wish to combine a weekend learning to cook, enjoying nature and evening chats in the company of good friends.
We offer a course of 3 or 6 hours, with a menu prepared by us taking into account the interest of the group or a monographic theme: game, desserts, vegetables, Mexican, etc.

The weekend costs €250 per couple:

– Double room for 2 nights
– Breakfast
– Tasting dinner prepared by our students
– 2 vouchers for the spa

Much more information

can be obtained by calling us on (0034) 948 45 07 08.