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Want to know more about us?

The Luzuriaga-Badiola family settled in Donamaria with a plan:

To realise the dream of living in the country, specifically in Navarra. To restore a beautiful 19th-century stone house and open its doors to people who wish to eat and stay there. Starting with the restaurant, the following year they opened the small hotel in the adjoining house and, in this way, the project came to be known as Donamariako Benta, a rural hostel with a restaurant.

Imanol and Elixabete created this way of life and now guide their daughters, who witnessed the whole process. This no doubt influenced them to obtain academic qualifications

Lorea, who has a degree in tourism, serves guests in the dining area of the restaurant in a professional and warm manner, making tourists and regular clients feel more comfortable during their stay. She speaks 3 languages.

Haizea has a diploma in cookery from Luis Irizar and, after working at various restaurants on the mainland, manages the restaurant in a wise and enthusiastic manner.